Going Raw: Journey2Raw Blog

Raw Slaw Salad

Raw Slaw Salad

Recently my partner and I began a blog about our Journey to investigate eating raw food. It’s called Journey2Raw. The official link is: http://2raw.wordpress.com/  In my healing of CLL, which dates back about eight to ten years ago, I managed to find a way to heal that did not include any special diet.  My luck was to find out that a root canal gone bad may have been infusing my body with toxins which in turn caused me to have cancer – CLL. I also imbibed Alkamine Coral Calcium from Kingsway

I did not give up much of anything.  I just kept up my normal lifestyle which did not include much raw food or greens. I also drank and ate a lot of junky snack foods, if you can call them that.  Over a period of a year or two I gradually regained my health. I did not require a BMT (bone marrow transplant) or chemo or radiation or anything AMA style.

Now that I am past that, I have other health concerns that can best be addressed by eating a healthier diet. Many people are currently concerned that Senator John McCain wants to do away with our right to the Dietary Supplements.  I have been a long time user of supplements but if this right were taken away as he wants to do, I would most likely feel OK and would simply switch to eating more and more raw foods!  But I would of course not want any of our rights to supplements to be taken away.  Check this out!  The Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Drink!

These days I am feeling better than ever. In less than three weeks I have shed 16 lbs. and had so many more extremely significant health improvements that I had to start a blog about it: http://2raw.wordpress.com/ We also share many photos of the  journey2raw and will be sharing recipies as well in the near future.  Here’s one of the very first articles about The Green Smoothie Revolution – Healing in a Glass! Be sure to check it out!  – Steve

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