CLL Defeated

I have had a few skeptics write to me on my blog asking for proof of my CLL healing. While I did not keep very good notes during my road to health, yesterday I discovered another man who did. It’s worth checking out!

This man from Australia posted a link to his new website which details his own road to a cure for CLL! Awesome! His name is Hessel Baartse. His experience confirms my theory that the health of the teeth is the single most important factor in the health of many chronic diseases, especially CLL! I read the entire site in one sitting! This is very exciting. Why? Mainly because I have never found another single person who has figured out the road to CLL wellness until now! Check it out!

– Steve

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CLL Letter From a Reader & My Response

Today I received the following email from a reader. I thought it was worth publishing; especially my response!

Dear Steve,

I recently picked up a copy of ‘Natures Pathway” which featured an article regarding your diagnosis and battle with CLL. I read it with interest as I too was diagnosed with CLL. Got my diagnosis in 1995 at age 50. I had 7 lymph nodes removed from my neck. After a bone marrow test it was determined that no further action would be taken at that time. The Oncologist said “no chemo” and said that he would take a watch and see approach, seeing him every 3 months then every, then 4 then 6. My wife and I began being as proactive as we could, investigating what might be possible root causes of CLL and what, if anything might either slow it’s progress or be a cure. Time after time everything we read said, that chemicals were at the root of many cancers, particularly blood cancers. Suggestions were to keep one’s environment as clean and chemical free as possible. We have progressed to eating only Certified Organic food and drink, drink only reverse osmosis water and take a regimen of anti-oxidents. I make ‘Essiac Tea’ and drink that 3 times a day as well and try to exercise daily as well as meditate. I quit my very stressful job and went to one that is slower paced too. Meanwhile  my levels continue to climb at a slow but still steady, pace. When my Oncologist has asked, “What are you doing to stay so healthy.”  He interrupted my reply in mid-sentence to tell me that nothing but something from a drug company would do any good.

After I read your story I was encouraged that the path that we have chosen is in deed the right one to follow.  I am writing to ask how you are doing at this time? You said that you no longer take the Coral Calcium, congratulations!  I am also interested, of course in finding out where you got your Coral Calcium (after checking on line I found that there are many brands and price points to choose from). What kind of dosage did you follow? What other changes did you make in your life that might have enhanced your immune system and ultimately assisted in what you have called a ‘cure’.

Hope that your health continues to improve and to tell you I too enjoy thumbing my nose at the medical establishment. We really do need to be our own advocate as well as our own physician.



My health has been excellent for the past 7 years. And I must say that while I do try to eat “healthy” I also do not obsess about it. If I don’t eat perfectly or organically, or if I drink too much once in a while, I don’t think it’s going to matter all that much.

About 7 years ago I started a new job where I got free healthcare at the Kaiser HMO. I was able to see the chief oncologist to get checked out. However, before I could get an appointment with her I had to convince them that I had been diagnosed with CLL. The regular doctor did not believe me, but I kept on trying until I finally got an appointment.  Once they reviewed my records transferred over from the County Hospital, I guess they started to believe. By this time my blood reports had improved to the point that one would never know I had had CLL. Then the chief oncologist ordered up a battery of tests and also had me go through a full body CT Scan. I guess she wanted a baseline in case the CLL re-emerged. The scan revealed nothing unusual such as a swollen spleen, etc. So far, after 7 or 8 years my blood levels have remained steady and have even improved. I don’t go in for regular tests anymore and I don’t see the oncologist. I try to stay away from the HMO except in some dire emergency.

As for the Coral Calcium. I tried numerous things before this, but nothing helped. Lots of different herbs and such. During the early days of starting a cure that worked, I would usually take 3 – 6 sachets of Ericsson’s Alka-Mine Coral Calcium per day. I would dissolve 3 or so in a liter of water and drink the water. I would make sure I had a lot of the water to help alkalize my system. Kingsway, the distributor of Ericsson’s, is sadly gone – I think they were shut down by the FDA which does not like people to claim cures for cancer and such unless approved by the federal drug lobby (FDA). However, I think that the founders of Kingsway may be ready to start up again. I will try to contact them to see what the story is. Meanwhile do not be afraid to try another leading brand if you feel so guided.

The only other thing that I believe helped me was playing attention to the health of my teeth. As I said in the article, I had my single root canal removed. There is still a hole in that spot to this day.

If you really read Dr. George Meinig and the works of Dr. Weston Price, I think you will agree that infections in the mouth can be devastating to one’s health. And it can affect you in different ways depending upon which tooth in infected as the noxious infection can travel silently and painlessly along meridian pathways to affect specific parts of the body. Many people never notice until later on in their life after the overload of toxins has compromised their immune system to the point that it stresses out the body and then any seemingly small problem can tip the scales leading towards a major health issue.

You said that you read that, “chemicals were at the root of many cancers, particularly blood cancers.”  I might agree with this but I would add that toxins caused by anerobic tooth infection might also be considered.

Weston Price: Dr Price wrote up his findings, along with many pictures that show the striking contrasts between healthy individuals and those just one generation away from their roots, in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Later he published his research on root canals and the extensive problems associated with them in Oral & Systemic and Dental Infections & the Degenerative Diseases.

Please do not overlook the health of your mouth. This is the one area most people do not want to even consider unless they are experiencing dire pain. You can be infected and have little or no pain. Also, I would perhaps either ignore your doctor or get a different one.  I was lucky enough to have  4 – a revolving door of doctors including one  fresh from Sloan-Kettering.  But most weren’t on the case long enough to muck it up!

I trust that this information will be of some use to you.

All my best to you in your recovery.

– Steve